Ru8icon was raised in New England and went to art school in upstate New York. Although he was classically trained as an oil painter, he initially recoiled from efforts to connect with an established art scene. Galleries seemed aloof and the life of a studio artist seemed isolated. He spent several years pursuing other interests and traveling, all the while watching with interest the burgeoning street art scene. He would pay for his travels by taking on commissions to paint murals and make mosaics and woodcarvings for local businesses around Portland, Maine.

In 2008 he moved to Madrid. For the first time he found a community of other street artists. In contrast to the isolation of the studio or the stylistic restrictions of commission work, the Spanish street art scene offered an active culture of collaboration, growth and social commentary. For five years he worked alongside other emerging street artists and continued to support himself through mural commissions at bars, shops, and lots of pizzerias.

In 2014 Rubi moved to Barcelona. There he found a culture of free walls that allowed him to practice daily, refine his style and make connections with a dense concentration of emerging and established street artists. Absorbing new styles that were taking shape around Europe at the time, he switched from spray cans to using liquid paint and rollers on poles. With this stylistic change, Rubi found a perfect fusion of the classical painting techniques he had learned in art school and the bold impact of street art that he found so compelling. He received instant feedback by working in public and developed quickly. Around 2015, while continuing to paint walls, he returned to painting on canvas, bringing what he was learning on the street into the studio. He had his first solo show that year at Bien Cuadrado Gallery in Barcelona.

In 2016, realizing it was time to widen his scope and reconnect with the scene in America, he took an opportunity to live in Philadelphia for 6 months. There he found a city rich in resources and with a long tradition of mural painting but without the thriving street level scene that Barcelona had developed. Upon arriving he began to paint murals independently, quickly making a splash because of his distinctive painterly style. He rapidly established a reputation in the area and made important connections. In a very short time he garnered a grant from the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and a solo show of paintings at Deep Space Gallery in Jersey City, NJ.

In March, 2018 Deep Space hosted his first US solo show with great success, selling 70% of the work and generating good press. In the summer of that year, in collaboration with street artist Ethos from Sao Paolo and support from Mural Arts, Rubi created Ktown Lab (#ktownlab), a guerrilla mural laboratory where the artists and a few visiting guests lived and painted independently in one of Philly’s roughest neighborhoods. There they worked directly with local residents, taking a minimalistic approach and experimenting with ways to use street art to inspire and effect social change.

In October, 2019 Rubi returned for his second solo show at Deep Space Gallery and has now firmly cemented his reputation as as artist on the scene in the greater New York City area. In April 2020 he returns for his first solo show in Manhattan at Padre Gallery. Meanwhile he continues to live and paint in Barcelona.


NEW YORK  60 E 80th Street New York, NY 10075