Zurab Tsereteli



First solo exhibition in Tbilisi (Georgia).


“Sea Bottom” water-pool mosaic in the Ulyanovsk memorial complex (Russia).

1971 – 1973

Zurab Tsereteli creates several mosaics and stained-glass compositions in Tbilisi (Restaurant “Aragvi”, Tbilisi Bus Terminal, “Iveria” hotel, Victory Park).

Mosaic and sculptural three-dimensional compositions for the walls decoration of the Trade Unions Palace in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Design of the Adler resort playground complex (Russia). David Alfaro Siqueiros particularly appreciated the work.


Unveiling of the monument “Joy and Happiness to All Children of the World” in honour of the Special Olympic Games (Brockport, USA). The monument was created in cooperation with the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation. Zurab Tsereteli transferred his royalties to the Foundation for Physically-Challenged Children.

Sculptural composition “Light and Knowledge to the World” (“Prometheus”) was presented as a gift to Brockport college students. The sculpture is located in front of the library at SUNY Brockport.



Decorated the House of Political Education (Public building on Plekhanov street) in Tbilisi (Georgia) and Hungarian Trade Mission building in Moscow (Russia).

The artist started work on the monumental sculptural ensemble “The History of Georgia” (Tbilisi, Georgia).


Inauguration of the monument “Friendship Forever” in Moscow, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Georgievsky Treaty between Russia and Georgia (architect Andrey Voznesensky).


Started work on the monument of Saint Nina Equal to the Apostles.


Monument “Good Defeats Evil” is opened on the north lawn of the United Nations Headquarters (New York, USA).

Unveiling of the monument “Break the Wall of Distrust” (Cannon Street, London, United Kingdom).


Presentation of the monument to Christopher Columbus “The Birth of the New Man” (Miami, USA).


Monument of Saint Nina Equal to the Apostles (Tbilisi, Georgia).

A small-scale version of the monument “The Birth of the New Man” was installed in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France).


Monument “The Birth of the New Man” is unveiled in Seville (Spain).

The War Memorial on Poklonnaya Hill, built in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Great Victory in World War II (Moscow, Russia).


Several designs and sculptural compositions for the Moscow Zoo, including “The Tree of Life” (Moscow, Russia).

Monument “La Victoria” (“Marbellano”) was installed in Marbella, Spain.


Opening of the Emperor Peter the Great monument, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy (Moscow, Russia)


Large solo exhibition entitled “Dedication to Inesse” opens at the New Manege (Moscow, Russia).


Bust sculptures of Leo Tolstoy and Yuri Gagarin in Montevideo (Uruguay).


Unveiling ceremony of the monument to the Russian writer Nikolai Gogol (Rome, Italy).


Inauguration of the monument to Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (Bari, Italy).

Monument to the medieval Russian Princess Olga, in honour of the 1100th anniversary of Pskov (Pskov, Russia).

Monument to the French novelist Honoré de Balzac (Agde, France).

Monument to the Russian Academy of Arts founder Ivan Shuvalov, in honour of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Interior design and enamel panels for the “Park Pobedy” (“Victory Park”) subway station (Moscow, Russia).


Inauguration of the Monument to Cossack Kharko, Kharkov city founder (Kharkov, Ukraine).


Solo exhibition in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Presentation of the “Holocaust” memorial composition at the Presidential Palace sculpture garden (Jerusalem, Israel).

Monument of Charles de Gaulle (Moscow, Russia).

Monument of Alexander Peresvet, Kulikovo battle hero (Borisoglebsk, Russia).

Monument of St. George the Victorious (Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia).

Monument of the founder of the Moscow University Ivan Shuvalov in front of the Research Library of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.


Solo exhibition in the Moscow Manege (Moscow, Russia).

Monument “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism” (Bayonne, New Jersey, USA).

Monument of Peter the Great (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Monument of Pope John Paul II (Ploërmel, France).


Solo exhibition of works by Zurab Tsereteli in the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France).

Monument to the former Prime Minister of Japan Ichirō Hatoyama (Tokyo, Japan).

Bust of Sergio Vieira de Mello (Geneva, Switzerland).

Interior design, enamel panels and stained glasses for “Trubnaya” subway station (Moscow, Russia).

“Grand Cross” Order of Bernardo O’Higgins (Chile).

Monument to the medieval Russian prince Oleg (Ryazan, Russia).

Completion of the “Night at the Ipatiev House” sculptural composition, commemorating the execution of the Emperor Nicholas II and his family.


Presentation of the sculptural composition “Wives of the Decembrists. Gates of Fate”.


“Musketeers” sculptural composition (Gascony, France).


Solo shows in Rome, Palermo, Ancona (Italy).


Monument of Marina Tsvetaeva (St. Gilles Croix De Vie, France).

Monument of the “Founding Fathers of the European Union” (Scy-Chazelles, Lorraine, France).

Inauguration of the monument to Pyotr Stolypyn (Ulyanovsk, Russia).


Figures of Kazimir Malevich and Wassily Kandinsky with large-scale enamel compositions representing their artworks.

Monumental enamel-made sculpture “Bouquet” in the courtyard of the State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts (Moscow, Russia). Inauguration of the “Women’s Museum” creative project at the same place.

Monument of Soviet partisan Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya (Ruza, Russia).

Monument of the Apostle Paul (Veria, Greece).

Monument of the Russian-Georgian actor Ramaz Chkhikvadze (Tbilisi, Georgia).


Monument to Pope John Paul II in front of the Seine façade of the Notre-Dame de Paris (France).

“Clowns” sculptural composition (Morciano di Romagna, Italy).

Completion of the bust of Nicholas II (Banja Luka, Serbia).

Solo exhibitions in Tbilisi, Zurich, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia on the occasion of the artist’s jubilee.


Monument to Soldiers of the 7th Bauman Division of the National Home Guard. (Moscow, Russia).

Monument to the Cossacks (Brinkovskaya village, Russia).

Bust of the Soviet Hero, the pilot Alexandr Maslov (Kolomna, Russia).

Monument of the Russian writer Gleb Uspensky (Tula, Russia).

“The Big Three” sculptural Composition (Yalta, Russia).

Completion of the “Dream of the Sky” sculptural composition for the Museum of the ICAO Headquarters (Montreal, Canada).

Monument to the theatre and cinema director Grigory Lordkipanidze (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Sculptural composition of “Uncle Styopa”, a popular Soviet cartoon hero (Samara, Russia).


“The Birth of the New World”, 126 m tall sculptural composition, dedicated to Christopher Columbus, was completed (Arecibo, Puerto Rico). It is the second part of the two-piece project “How Europe Discovered America” celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Age of Discoveries. The first part, “The Birth of the New Man” was unveiled in Seville (Spain) in 1995.

The inauguration of the monument to the Sixtiers poets (Tver, Russia).

The bust of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna was unveiled (Republic of Altai, Russia).

Monument to Mikhail Chaika, a military unit commander (Brinkov Cadet Corps, Krasnodar Region, Russia).

Zurab Tsereteli House-Museum established in Peredelkino (Moscow, Russia).

Monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union, general-commander Pavel Belov (Novomoskovsk, Russia).

Shota Rustaveli monument (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

Solo exhibition in Verona Academy of Arts (Italy).



Solo exhibitions in Chersonesus, New Urengoy, Lipetsk (Russia) and Cannes (France).

Memorial plaque commemorating the prominent statesman and diplomat Alexandra Kollontai was completed and installed in Moscow.

The bust of the Russian writer Ivan Lazhechnikov unveiled in Kolomna (Russia).

Completion of “The Alley of Rulers” dedicated to the history of Russia (Moscow, Russia). The sculptural ensemble includes 40 busts – from Rurik to the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin.

Memorial plaque commemorating the diplomat and statesman Vasily Kuznetsov (Moscow, Russia).

Sculptural composition “The Meeting Place” (Tula, Russia).

Monument to Alexander Pushkin (Apatity, Russia).

Sculptural composition “Soldier-Skier” in Patriot Park (Kubinka, Moscow region, Russia).

The sculpture “Mercy” placed in Orenburg on the territory of a hospital (Russia).


Monument of the Russian Silver Age poet Marina Tsvetaeva placed near Moscow Gymnasium 1619 (Moscow, Russia).

Monument of Robert Rozhdestvensky, the Sixtiers Russian poet (Village of Kosikha, Altai Region, Russia).
Zurab Tsereteli House-Museum was opened in Peredelkino (Moscow, Russia).

Alexander Griboedov monument was completed and presented as a gift to the Griboedov Drama Theatre (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev monument (Kazan, Russia).

Monument of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was presented in Kislovodsk (Russia).

Monument of Alexander Griboedov was inaugurated in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Monument to physicist Zhores Alferov erected in St. Petersburg (Russia).


Opening of “Future Stars” sculptural composition at Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (Moscow, Russia).

Presentation of sculptural portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in Alexander Theatre (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Monument to Dmitri Shostakovitch in Samara (Russia).

Opening of “Young Martial Artists” sculptural composition to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Sambo in Novo-Peredelkino, (Russia).

Inauguration of “Equity and Mercy” sculptural composition at Human Rights House in Moscow, (Russia).

Solo Exhibition “Larger Than Life” at Saatchi Gallery, London. Curated by Herve Mikaeloff.

Solo Exhibition “Persönlichkeiten” at Liechtensteinisches LandesMuseum, Liechtenstein.




Takes part in exhibitions all around the country as a painter.

In All-Union exhibition “On Guard of the World” he received a gold medal for the eponymous painting. This was the artist’s first big award.

1967 – 1968

Monumental design of the resort complex in Pitsunda, after which Tsereteli was appointed the Chief Designer of other Soviet resort complexes on the Black Sea (in Gagra, Sukhumi, Borjomi and other cities in Georgia).

Awarded the title of an Honoured Artist of the Georgian Republic of the USSR.

Executed the design for the Cinema House in Moscow.

1969 – 1970

“Sea Bottom” water-pool mosaic in the Ulyanovsk memorial complex (Russia). The work was highly appreciated.

Awarded with the USSR State Prize.

Appointed the Chief Designer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR (1970-1980). Decorated interiors of the USSR embassies in several countries (including Brazil, Japan, Portugal).


Completion of the interior decoration of the USSR Embassy in Brazil.

Developed friendship with Oscar Niemeyer.


Awarded with the Lenin Prize.


Award of the People’s Artist of the Georgian Republic of the USSR.

Awarded with an honorary certificate of the distinguished Visiting Professor of Arts of the College of Arts and Science in Brockport.


Elected a Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Arts.


Appointed the Chief Designer of the XXII Summer Olympic Games in Moscow.

Created the copper relief “A Hymn to Man” for the Concert and Cinema Hall of the Izmailovo Hotel Complex, built for the Olympics.

Awarded with the Order of Friendship of the Peoples.

Awarded the People’s Artist of the USSR.

1981 – 1982

Became the art director of the Monumental and Decorative Art department of the Art Foundation of Georgia.

Received the rank of Professor of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts.

Appointed the Head of the Creative Workshop of Monumental Art of the USSR Academy of Arts (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Awarded with the USSR State Prize.

1983 – 1985

Became the Head of the Monumental and Decorative Art department of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts.

1987 – 1988

Elected the Chairman of the Union of Designers of Georgia and a Full Member of the USSR Academy of Arts.


Awarded the title of The Hero of Socialist Labour.

Elected an Academician-Secretary of the Design Department of the USSR Academy of Arts.


Became the President of the Moscow International Foundation for Support to the UNESCO.

Designated as the Head of the Design Creative Workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts.



Appointed the Chief Designer of the War Memorial Complex on Poklonnaya Hill (Moscow, Russia).


Awarded with the Order of “Friendship of Peoples”.

Winner of the UNESCO Picasso Prize.

Awarded with the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.

Designated as the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Appointed the Chief Artist in the project of the reconstruction of the Christ the Saviour cathedral (Moscow, Russia).


Designated the Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO.

Became a Full Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.

Winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in Literature and Art.

Order “For Merit to the Fatherland“, 3rd class (Russia).

Appointed the Acting President of the Russian Academy of Arts.


Appointed the President of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Became the Chief Designer of the reconstruction of the Manezhnaya Square, Moscow.


Elected a Corresponding Academician of San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Madrid, Spain).

“Vermeil” medal of the city of Paris for the major contribution to culture and art and significant role in promoting relations between Russia, Georgia and France.

Elected a Member of the Academy of Arts of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Opening of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Zurab Tsereteli donated his private collection of the 20th century artworks to the Museum.

Became the Director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Completion of the works for the Christ the Saviour cathedral reconstruction in Moscow.


The Gallery of Arts of Zurab Tsereteli is opened in Moscow as part of the Museum and Exhibitions complex of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Presentation of sculptural series “My Contemporaries”, dedicated to the prominent figures of the 20th century Russian culture.



Elected a Corresponding Member of the French Academy of Fine Arts.

The Order of Gabriela Mistral for the significant role in the promotion of education and culture (Chile).


The State Prize of Georgia.

Honorary Professor of the Moscow University.


Officer of the Order of Arts and Literature of the Ministry of Culture and Communications (France).


Order “For Merit to Fatherland”, 2nd class (Russia).

Elected a Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.


Awarded with the UNESCO Picasso Gold Medal.


Zurab Tsereteli was re-elected as a Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.



Completion of the St. Alexander Nevsky Chapel in the courtyard of the State Museum of Contemporary Art of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Zurab Tsereteli was elected a Full Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Salzburg, Austria).


Chevalier of the National Order of the Legion of Honour (France).

Order “For Services to Motherland”, 1st class (Russian Federation).


“Giuseppe Sciacca” Award “For a Life in Art” awarded by the Roman Academy of Fine Arts (Vatican).


Tbilisi Museum of Modern Art was founded (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Winner of the Arkady Plastov Annual International Prize in Fine Arts (Russia).

Awarded the Order of Civil Merit (Spain).

Innovation State Prize for the contribution to contemporary Russian art.


Chevalier “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 4th class (Russia).

UNESCO “Five Continents” medal awarded, for contribution to world culture and in honour of the 60th anniversary of Russia’s membership in the organization.


Elected a Member of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and an International Cooperation Advisor to the Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts of China.

Commemorative Plaque for the Nobel Dynasty (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Honorary Cross of Culture and Art of Albert Schweitzer Association (Gunsbach, Austria).

Honorary Civil Order “The Silver Star” in Honour of the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory.

European Scientific-Industrial Chamber Award “For Significant Contribution to Art”.

Honorary award of the All-Russian Public Movement “For the Preservation of the Nation”.


 “Honour and Glory to Great Russia” Order awarded by the “Strength of the Fatherland” Foundation (Russian Federation).

Carl Faberge Order Award (Russian Federation).

“The 1150th Anniversary of the Baptism of Bulgaria” honorary award of the Republic of Bulgaria

Governor’s Badge of Honour (Tver, Russia)

Titled as an Honoured Artist of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic (Russian Federation).

“For the Merit in the Development of Culture and Arts” award of the Inter-Parliamentary Council of CIS.

Awarded the “Patriot of Russia” service medal for the great contribution to the patriotic education (Russian Federation).

Vladimir Burakovsky Prize for Tsereteli’s art project for the creative involvement of children with congenital heart defects (Bakulev National Medical Research Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery, Moscow, Russia).


Awarded the title of an Honorary Worker of Education of Russia.


Given the Award of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Honorary member of Chinese-Russian Academy of Fine Arts.

Presented the “Contribution to Russian Culture” badge.


Given the Order of Friendship (Dostlug) in Azerbaijan


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